The Tom Day Collection

A photographic collection of Tom Day Memorabilia

Many thanks to Bob Trescott for donating his mother’s collection to the Arbutus Library and making sure they allowed the post historian  to photograph this collection.  Bob is the son of Tom Day’s wife Ruth and her second husband.

Tom Day was a native of Arbutus / Halthorpe in southwest Baltimore County, Maryland.

Born October 16, 1915
Married to Ruth K. Rodgers  on Oct. 2nd, 1943
Killed in action December 21, 1944 on Leyte in the Philippines, where he is buried.

This Page at the Arbutus Library website contains more information about Tom Day.

Tom Day Boulevard which runs between Carville Ave. and Southwestern Blvd. in  Arbutus is named in his honor

This collection is in two parts: A “Memories” notebook created by Tom’s wife Ruth containing  50 pages of handwritten notes and a number of photos  pasted into the notebook.  You can view it Here.

The  2nd part of the collection can be viewed Below.

Photographed and published on the Post 109 website by John J. Henn, Historian at Dewey Lowman American Legion Post 109 in Arbutus, Baltimore County, Maryland.
All images in this collection copyright © 2015 John J. Henn.

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