Special Message from Past Commander

The Original 27 Flags…Doesn’t that title – that phrase – make you proud? When the group was formed in 1976 it was believed to be the first organized and continually supported group who displayed all the different versions of the flags that have flown over our country in an official capacity. The American Legion Dewey Lowman Post 109 was known, however fleetingly, by people in every state as we marched in two Presidential Inaugurations. We were there to honor Pope John II in the Baltimore parade. We traveled to at least three National Conventions of the American Legion and carried the flags proudly. Sadly, those times have passed.
I believe it is time to reinvigorate the unit. We have many members capable of marching in a parade but the interest just isn’t there. Our current post membership is over 1100; can’t we find 27 in that number to march? I ask you to consider dedicating some time keeping The Original 27 Flags a viable and valuable part of the community and The Legion Family.

Robert Haney
Past Commander